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Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

Rawalpindi and Islamabad are among the most developed, modern and urban areas of Pakistan. Education, health, peaceful environment and other living and business facilities are readily available in these cities due to which everyone prefers to live in these cities. The population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad has increased in the previous years and the major reason is the available facilities and the modern education institutes present in the twin cities. People from other cities also migrate to these cities. To cope up with the ever growing population of Rawalpindi and Islamabad RDA and CDA has launched several new sectors and housing societies. A number of residential and commercial projects have also been opened up by RDA and CDA and by private real estate companies and builders and developers. Other than these new sectors and housing societies, many residential and commercial projects have been opened in the previously developed areas as well.

Ghori Town is one of these recently developed real estate projects which is also the biggest housing society of Islamabad. Other than 8 phases of Ghori Town, Ali Akber & Company have also launched two other housing societies with the name of “Ghori Gardens” and “Rehman Residnecia” in Islamabad. The Phase 7 of Ghori Town is an important phase due to its location and it also has more facilities than phase 4 and 5. The development plan and the design of Phase 7 are also better than the previous phases. It has a beautiful main entrance, green belt, modernized commercial area. This phase has also gained importance as it is close to Gulberg Greens. Not only is the Phase 7 an ideal place for living but the commercial area of this phase is also outstanding. A number of commercial plazas have been completed in it and people are running their businesses in it, while many other projects are under construction.

The commercial area of Phase 4 of Ghori Town has seen lots of progress recently, and “Wasil Plaza” is one more addition to this fast development. It is situated at a prime location at Kalma Chowk in Phase 4 of Ghori Town. The location and surroundings of Wasil Plaza make it special where many other new and old commercial projects are working. All the commercial areas from Phase 4 to 8 have become busy commercial hubs, with a number of other projects under construction and many others doing business. People prefer to live here and have a business as all the living and business facilities are available here easily.

Project Location

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

Wasil Plaza is located in Phase 4 of Ghori Town, near Kalma Chowk, opposite Marina Mall, Islamabad.

Project Surroundings

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

In today’s fast pace world, everyone wants to live, or work, or have a business or invest in a project whose location and surroundings are remarkable. Wasil Plaza occupies a notable location and has excellent surroundings for business. Its surroundings have commercial markets, hospitals, marriage halls, Ghori Town Free Dispensary, banks, world class educational institutes and mosques.

The location and other housing societies present around Wasil Plaza make it an important project and also the fact that it is present on the Main Ghori Town Express. Wasil Plaza is situated at Ali Akber Enclave in Phase 7 of Ghori Town which is also attached to the main road of Ghori Town Phase 7 and 8. Airport Chowk, also known as Koral Chowk is only 2 km away from this project. Gulberg Greens and the extension of Lehtrar Road are right next to it. Wasil Plaza is also connected to Islamabad Express Way. This area has best educational institutes, hospitals, commercial markets, new housing societies, Benazir International Airport, PWD Housing Scheme. Moreover, this project is also linked to Park Road , Faizabad Interchange, Blue Area and many areas of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. All these locations around Ghori Town make this project unique and important.

Project Amenities and Facilities

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

Wasil Plaza has all sorts of living and business facilities provided in it. These facilities include:


Basic facilities

Electricity supply

Gas supply

Water supply

All these basic necessities of life are distributed through underground pipe lines.

Community Services:

Parks & Play grounds



Educational institutes

Open and carpeted roads

Wide streets

Green belts

Banks & Shops

Commercial areas

Public transport

Society graveyard.

Special Features:

Earthquake resistant structure

Huge car parking space

Garbage collection system

Security Services.

Project Price Plan

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

The shops, halls and apartments are available for rent in Wasil Plaza. The rents are as follows:

Lower Ground Floor Shop Rent: 20,000/-

Lower Ground Floor Hall Rent: 30,000/-

Ground Floor Shop Rent: 25,000/-

Ground Floor Hall Rent: 35,000/-

1st, 2nd and 3rd Floors 2 bedroom Apartment Rent: 15,000/- to 18,000/-

Project Issues

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

Wasil Plaza is a remarkable commercial project with no issues of any kind present in it that are worth mentioning here. However, Ghori Town Management is facing some legal issues from CDA regarding Ghori Garden and all the phases of Ghori Town including phases 4 to 8. Ghori Town is facing these legal issues from the CDA because Ali Akber and Company constructed these phases without the approval of CDA. Moreover, the conditions of the roads and streets are not good and the sewage system is not satisfactory as well.

Recent Rates of the Project Area

Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

The development work is still going on in Ghori Town with many new commercial projects under construction. The property rates in Ghori Town Phase 5 are very high and buying a plot is not easy for everyone. The areas around Phase 5 of Ghori Town like Phase 4 and 6 also have very high property rates as these phases have been developed earlier and are fully equipped with all the facilities. The property rates in Phase 7 and 8 are comparatively reasonable than the older phases. Despite all the issues in Ghori Garden and Ghori Town, people are doing business there and investors are investing their money. A number of families are residing there already and many more have opened their residential and commercial projects in different phases of Ghori Town. Wasil Plaza provides the best facilities for living and doing business in it.


Right Property Team

28 Sep 2018

Project Builder Review:

The project owner of Wasil Plaza says that their project is the best project for living and doing business. The ideal location of Wasil Plaza is perfect for any kind of business in it.

Local’s Review:

Many people residing in Phase 4 of Ghori Town say that Ghori Town has developed really quickly and people have opened their commercial and residential projects in it. This is a clear indication of the fact that it is an ideal society of Islamabad.

Right Property Survey Team Review:

The survey conducted by the Right Property team suggests that Wasil Plaza is an ideal project for living and business. This project offers its clients a good opportunity to live in Ghori Town at affordable rates. The surroundings of the project are also ideal for setting up a business and gaining good profit in future.

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28 Sep 2018

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Al-Nafay Business Center 1 Islamabad, Pakistan

Nazimabad Karachi, Pakistan

Peshawar Avenue Peshawar, Pakistan

Gulberg Greens Islamabad, Pakistan

  • SIZE

    1125 Sqf


    01 August, 2017


  • Parking Spaces

  • Waste Disposal

  • Sewerage

  • Electricity

  • Water Supply

  • Sui Gas


  • Water Supply
  • Sewarage
  • Mosque
  • School
  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Telephone



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